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Personalised and comprehensive bespoke support for all health and social care organisations needing CQC registration.


Get Ready For Your CQC Inspection

CQCassist will be pleased to let you have a FREE copy of full guide to obtaining your CQC registration.

STOP PRESS! We will also add in our “COVID-19 Resource Pack For CQC Providers” – also absolutely free – which includes:
  • Some relevant policies
  • Links to published guidance by the CQC and Government
  • Risk assessment material to assess preparedness to address the threat
  • Statutory and Human Resources support material
  • Information about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Copies of posters, etc, etc
No commitment and no charge!
  • Please contact us:
  • Richard Banyard – tel: 07774 909011
  • Rachael Duff – tel: 07875 404952
  • ...or email us at: We will be happy to help!

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