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We provide personalised comprehensive help for your CQC registration and inspections - available 24/7 whenever you need it.


CQCassist Services - The Total Solution

CQCassist offers specialist help to all health and social care organisations for Care Quality Commission inspections, registration and associated administration... available 24/7 whenever YOU need it.

Our clients include:

  • GP Practices
  • Private clinics and independent health providers
  • Domiciliary/Supported Living Providers
  • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • NHS Trusts
  • Ambulance services
  • Dentists
  • What's New
  • Updated template policies and procedures to meet the new CQC standards
  • Updated guidance on how to achieve CQC registration
  • Step-by-step guide to prepare for your CQC Inspection
  • Mock CQC inspection support
  • Confidential report on where you are at risk of failing to comply with the CQC's requirements

  • Initial Registration

We will support all aspects of your CQC registration application. We specialise in fast-tracking new applications so that you achieve your CQC registration as quickly as possible. This includes personal tutoring of your Registered Manager in advance of your pre-registration interview, preparing the 30 or so necessary policies and procedures, cash-flow projections, etc.

  • Pre Inspection Compliance Software

A unique self-assessment risk profile for your organisation to check compliance with CQC statutory requirements and Key Lines Of Enquiry. Support for completing your annual and pre-Inspection Provider Information Returns. Our unique purpose-designed system streamlines the process for you...

  • Training and Education Materials

Resources to help you prepare your team for their CQC responsibilities.

  • Policies and Support Documentation

CQCassist supports the achievement of compliance with all CQC Fundamental Standards, as well as a wealth of free materials for its subscribers.

  • Comprehensive Compliance Checklists

To help you be ready for your CQC Registration interview, CQC Inspections, etc. Our Risk Assessment checklists cover health and safety, infection control, fire risk, information governance, human resources, etc.

  • Registration Paperwork

Confused about: How to register? Changing your CQC location? Making statutory notifications to the CQC? When and how to change your CQC registration, etc? Let us know, and we can help - instantly.

  • Consultancy Support

We can also provide a wide range of consultancy related to your business and CQC endeavours such as Human Resources, Information Governance /GDPR, workplace mediation, etc.

  • Enforcement Action

Are the CQC taking Enforcement Action against your service? We can help!

  • Regulatory Reviews / Provider Information Returns

Support for your updates and returns to the CQC.

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