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"Not sure how we would have determined compliance without CQCassist." - Feedback from one of our many satisfied customers


CQCassist - Who We Are

Dedicated to supporting health and social care organisations.

  • CQCassist

CQCassist is unique.

We use the advantages of internet technology to provide you with access to all the resources you will need for your CQC endeavours - 24/7. We also have an in-house team of specialist CQC consultants to support you, so that our subscribers and users benefit from a personalised approach to resolving any queries or questions; just give us a call:

  • Richard Banyard – tel: 07774 909011
  • Rachael Duff – tel: 07875 404952
  • …or email us at:

Our Consultancy team

Richard Banyard

Before moving into consultancy, Richard Banyard worked in a wide range of NHS management roles for over 35 years. This included over 10 years at Board and Chief Executive levels.

Richard has been directly involved in supporting health and social care organisations with their Care Quality Commission registration and inspections for the past 8 years. He has helped over 100 organisations with their CQC registrations, preparation for inspections and all other aspects of support required to ensure CQC compliance. Richard has a Masters Degree in Health Services Management. He is also a fully qualified teacher with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Richard lives in Yorkshire but works nationwide.

Rachael Duff

Rachael has extensive previous operational, managerial, regulatory/compliance and quality systems experience. She has worked for over 24 years at both junior and senior management levels in both NHS secondary and primary care in operational and governance settings as well as in commercial business sectors.

Rachael has many years experience in the NHS as a GP Practice Manager. She also works with the CQC as a Practice Manager Specialist Advisor and has worked on over 200 inspections and many mock inspections Rachael also lives in Yorkshire and works nationwide.


We also have a small team of associates who can be called on to support our work as and when necessary.

  • What We Do

CQCassist's resources for our users include:

  • Online personalised checker against your current compliance with CQC standards and Inspection requirements.
  • Support for your CQC new registration
  • Advice about making statutory notifications summary of areas on which to focus in order to ensure that you pass your Inspection.
  • Arranging to make statutory changes to your CQC registration e.g. change of location? New Registered Manager? etc
  • A comprehensive suite of template policies and procedures, all linked to the latest CQC requirements.
  • Advice about whatever CQC paperwork requirements you have
  • A huge resource of policies, procedures, risk assessments, guides, etc to support you through the process
  • Access to instant advice about the CQC - by telephone, text or email.
  • Regular updates on what to be doing to keep up-to-date with being a CQC provider.
  • How to develop and keep your Statement Of Purpose updated in order to comply with the law.
  • Personalised support for your CQC pre-registration interviews.
  • Training support and guidance.
  • Personalised help and support is just a phone call away!
  • Testimonials

CQCassist has been set up specifically to provide dedicated support for health and social care organisations throughout the process of CQC registration and Inspection. Our primary aim is to support providers with a simple way of expediting their preparations for inspections and regulation, thereby:

  • Avoiding the duplication of effort in satisfying the varying requirements of different external regulators
  • Minimising costs
  • Focusing time and energy just on the key areas - thus avoiding wasted time and effort
  • Providing answers to your queries - whenever YOU want underpinning robust management by systematic risk assessments, and
  • Relieve your stress and time spent meeting CQC compliance
  • Providing comprehensive support in order to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Using the CQC to boost the performance of your organisation!
  • Testimonials

"It is a credit to you that you have dispelled the grey CQC cloud that we had been in fear competently explained the CQC process providing both in-depth knowledge and real life examples and we would welcome you again."

- GP Practice, Nottinghamshire

"A huge thank you for your invaluable support over the past few months. I have no doubt we could not have got this far without you. You provided us with invaluable help and support and I could not fault your service."

- Medical Company, Dorset

"I really appreciate everything you have done at CQCassist; if it wasn't for you I would have never been anywhere near my business dream as I am today."

- Domiciliary Care provider, London

"Thank you very much for all the excellent help and support in the CQC registration process."

- Medical Company, Merseyside

“Thank you Rachael for your report which I will share with my team.  I think the layout of the report is clear and helpful for us to pick up the gaps at a glance.”

- Community health provider, Berkshire

“Today I received my certificate for Registered Manager and Registered Service Provider! I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. I truly would never have made it this far if it wasn’t for you.  Here’s to success!”

- Domiciliary Care Provider, Chelsea

“Thanks for your excellent work in supporting us with our initial CQC application”.

- GP Federation, East London

“Thank you Richard, you are a wealth of information! So glad to have found you”.

- Doctor, East Sussex

“Thank you very much for coming to see us today and for helping us prepare for the CQC inspection, we found the meeting to be very useful.”

- South London client

“I’ve experienced your work and trust your process. “.

- Surgical Services Client, Birmingham

“I very much enjoyed your at ease style, your professionalism, promptness, and above all knowledge of the subject.”

- Manchester client

“Thanks for your input today. Super helpful as always”.

- Central London client

“Thank you so much for your help, the staff and me can’t thank you enough”.

- Practice Manager, Essex

“Many thanks for the meeting which was extremely helpful, and many thanks for your support.”

- Harley Street client

“... thank you both so much for all the help, had it not been for you guys from CQCassist I'd have been completely lost and no doubt we'd have the CQC back every month... so thank you again”.

- Harley Street GP Practice

“I cannot thank you enough ...! Thank you for all you expertise, help and support.”

- Health Clinic, Christchurch  

“Thank you for your time and service. It has been excellent”.

- Harley Street Professor Of Surgery

“Thank you for all your help with the application,  we certainly wouldn’t have got there without your amazing support and guidance.”

- Dermatology clinic, Manchester

“I am most grateful for your help, diligence and patience with us to get this over the [CQC registration] line. Happy to recommend your services.”

- Surgical clinic, Rochdale

“I am delighted to inform you that we have been granted registration with the CQC! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support throughout the process – it has paid off!”

- Internet provider, South London

“Thank you for the excellent service provided...”.

- Sheffield Diagnostic Provider

“Thank you for your all assistance and help provided for CQC work. This is to let you know that our practice is now rated “Good” ...Thank you again for your valuable guidance”.

- Birmingham GP Practice

“I want to sincerely thank you for all your support, guidance and for being amazingly responsive.”

- Independent health provider, Reading

“Cannot thank CQCassist enough”.

- Private health clinic, Poole

“I would recommend you contact Richard Banyard at CQC Assist.  We have used them previously at and their support has been excellent.”

- London primary care provider

“Following your support, we have achieved a “Good” rating in all 5 parts of CQC Inspection report - thank you so much for your assistance.”

- Online CQC registered provider in the Midlands

“We received some amazing news today! We are now CQC registered! I'd like to sincerely thank you for all your help, the pre-interview prep we did together in June was truly invaluable and your patience with guiding us was hugely appreciated! We would definitely again like to use your services for future CQC inspections.”

- Harley Street Clinic

“I am pleased to say we passed our CQC Inspection with a “Good” rating. I just wish to say a big thank you for all your help again it was utterly invaluable.”

- Private GP Clinic, Merseyside

“You are top guys and I’m glad you are working with me on this. I am actually gratefully my earlier contact let me down in the summer otherwise I wouldn’t have found you at CQCassist...”

- GP, Home Counties

“I have the CQC registration! They have approved. Thank you so much for your help. I could not have done it without your help! Your company’s services are the best I have ever had.”!”

- Cheltenham Clinic

“The CQC visit went very well yesterday ....  I wanted to thank you for all your support and advice. You have been exceptional and in all honesty I would not have got through it without you!”.

- GP, Midlands

“I cannot thank you enough for your work on this CQC PIR. You have saved me ....”

- Domiciliary care provider, London


  • Our Origins

CQCassist was founded by:

  • Richard Banyard - a former experienced health service manager whose NHS roles have included Director of Commissioning and Chief Executive.
  • Stephen Bartlett - CEO of a software company providing NHS compliance solutions, which underpins the CQCassist subscriber site
  • Prof. Sam Lingam - a Harley Street clinician with first-hand experience of the CQC process

CQCassist is based in Yorkshire but works nationwide.

Our team now also includes Rachael Duff who has extensive experience as a CQC Inspector and Specialist Adviser.

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